Goal:  The goal of this website is for readers to learn about (and how to obtain) an eManual (electronic manual) that contains detailed information on factors that affect the performance, quality, and sale of floral crops including specific production, harvest, and postharvest care, handling, and marketing recommendations.

Content:  Entitled Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops, the eManual contains detailed postharvest and marketing information for most floral crops as well as over 900 hyperlinks to applicable articles, databases, companies, and industry experts.  It can be used by growers, wholesalers, florists, supermarkets, breeders, importers, educators, bouquet manufacturers, and students to learn how to improve the postharvest performance of cut flowers and greens, potted plants, and bedding plants.   Click HERE or the Table of Contents tab for more topics.

Collaborators:  Most of the information was compiled by Dr. George Staby and his wife Kathleen with support provided by Professors Michelle Jones (The Ohio State University), Michael Reid (University of California, Davis), Bridget Behe (Michigan State University), and Ernst Woltering (Wageningen University & Research Centre).

Versions:  The eManual is available in two versions: PDF read only and PDF printable.

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Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops