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Goal:  The goal of this website is for readers to learn how to obtain information to improve the quality, longevity, and profitability of floral crops including specific production, harvest, postharvest care, and marketing recommendations. While cut flowers are emphasized, flowering, foliage, and bedding plants as well as cut greens are also covered. The information is available in three categories: eManual, Customized Services, and Latest Updates, which are now described.

eManual:  Entitled Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops, the eManual contains detailed post-harvest and marketing information for most floral crops as well as over 900 hyperlinks to applicable articles, databases, companies, and industry experts.  It can be used by growers, wholesalers, florists, supermarkets, breeders, importers, educators, bouquet manufacturers, and students to learn how to improve the post-harvest performance and profitability of these crops.

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Customized Services:  The services listed below allow you to interact directly with Dr. Staby to obtain personalized production, harvest, postharvest, and/or marketing information. Please contact him at or 1-520-723-9705 to learn more about these services.

- Phone consultations to address your specific questions
- Data searches to obtain information based on your specific interests
- Webinar presentations
- Workshop, program and seminar presentations
- Visitations

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Latest Updates: 
Recommendations are presented based on the latest care, handling, and marketing research findings worldwide.  The updates are compiled by Dr. Staby based on his monthly review of hundreds of published and unpublished articles he has access to worldwide.  The updates are concise and written in a manner that the recommendations can be easily implemented.

Latest Updates are divided into three categories: Grower, Wholesaler & Retailer, and Marketing.  Grower Updates include all functions growers perform that affect the postharvest quality and performance of floral crops. Wholesaler & Retailer Updates include postharvest practices controlled by wholesalers, retailers, bouquet manufacturers, importers, and order fulfillment centers. Marketing Updates include subjects such as how consumers view floral crops and therefore possible ways to increase sales.

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