In 1976, Professors D.C. Kiplinger, Jerry Robertson, and George Staby (The Ohio State University) and Charles Conover (University of Florida) developed the “Chain of Life™” program to help educate the floral industry on proven techniques to improve the postharvest performance of floral crops.  With the advent of the Internet and under the leadership of Dr. Staby, these educational efforts continued when the Chain of Life Network® website was launched in 2002.

While the website attracted over 10,000 members, its 23,000 pages of information was often deemed too technical and/or too difficult to utilize effectively.  As a result, a user friendly eManual version was developed.  In addition, no longer does one have to depend on Internet related challenges, as its’ content can be downloaded and viewed anywhere and anytime using any device that accommodates PDF files.

Entitled Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops, the eManual contains detailed postharvest and marketing information for most floral crops as well as over 900 hyperlinks to applicable articles, databases, companies, and industry experts.  It can be used by growers, wholesalers, florists, supermarkets, breeders, importers, educators, bouquet manufacturers, and students to learn how to improve the postharvest performance and profitability of these crops.

Most of the information was compiled by Dr. George Staby and his wife Kathleen with support provided by Professors Michelle Jones (The Ohio State University), Michael Reid (University of California, Davis), Bridget Behe (Michigan State University), and Ernst Woltering (Wageningen University & Research Centre).  Hence, one can rest assured that the information is science-based and therefore accurate.

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