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Companies that invest a onetime amount of $175 or $325 will be forever denoted as SPONSORS in the Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops eManual and on this website. Sponsor invested monies are used to help defray out-of-pocket costs to maintain, update, and produce updates of this eManual as well as the Chain of Life Network® databases that contain nearly 20,000 articles and specific recommendations for over 450 floral crops.  However, our efforts and those of our university and industry colleagues will continue to be provided pro bono (free).

For a onetime $175 or $325 investment to become a SPONSOR, your company will receive the following benefits.

- Acknowledgment of your sponsorship in the present and all future eManual editions by having your company name highlighted with a hyperlink to your website in the LIST OF SPONSORS, PRODUCT AND SERVICE COMPANIES, and/or HELP FOR YOU (USEFUL WEBSITES) sections as well as on the Chain of Life Network® website.

- Your company would be recognized in Chain of Life Network® related articles and presentations we coordinate.

- Companies that invest $325 would also be eligible to purchase gift copies of the eManual for 50% off the regular prices. Gift copies can be distributed to employees, friends, coworkers, suppliers, customers, and the like. The cover page of each eManual gift copy includes the phrases “Provided for (name of receiver)” and “Provided by (name of giver)”, which would be the name of the person or company providing the gift.  Click HERE or the eManuals as Gifts tab to learn more about and/or to order gift copies.

Investment - You can make your onetime $175 or $325 SPONSOR investment by check, bank wire transfer, credit card, debit card, or PayPal as described below.  We can send you an invoice and/or receipt if requested.  Note: New Sponsor names can be added any time, as all versions can updated as needed.

​Check – Your $175 or $325 check in US funds should be made payable to Perishables Research Organization and sent to George Staby, 6644 West Sandpiper Court, Florence, AZ 85132. Make sure you include your name and e-mail address.

​Bank wire transfer – Please contact us at georgestaby@chainoflifenetwork.org to obtain code and account information.

Credit card, debit card, or PayPal
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