Latest Updates are concise recommendations that, when implemented, can help improve the performance, sales, and profitability of floral crops. They are based on published and unpublished research findings that can improve the performance, sales, and profitability of floral crops.  Readers need only to invest a few minutes per month to keep current.

Dr. Staby obtains the information to write the Latest Updates by reviewing hundreds of published and unpublished research articles every month.  He in turn converts the research findings into specific recommendations that can be tested and, when appropriate, implemented by floral industry businesses.

Each update is divided into two parts: title and advice, the latter being Dr. Staby's interpretation of the research findings. However, it is imperative that copies of the articles of interest must be obtained (see below) and read before testing or implementing the advice to make sure all aspects of the research findings are known.

To obtain a copy of an article, click on the title to see if the article is still available online for free or for purchase.  Contact Dr. Staby if you cannot locate the article, as hyperlinks can change and/or be removed.

As explained below, Latest Updates are divided into three categories: Grower, Wholesaler & Retailer, and Marketing. The updates for each category are listed in chronological order, with the most recently added update listed first.

Grower Updates – Grower decisions that affect the quality and longevity of floral crops are covered such as species and cultivars grown, fertilization and irrigation practices, growing media, growth regulators, Botrytis (grey mold) control, flower maturity at harvest, anti-ethylene and/or anti-yellowing treatments, packaging (bunching and sleeving), hydration techniques, and storage practices.

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Wholesaler & Retailer Updates – Subjects include those postharvest processes that can be performed by wholesalers, retailers (traditional, mass-market, garden center, and nursery), bouquet manufacturers, and others who handle floral crops.  Some postharvest processes covered are cut flower hydration techniques, flower food usage, proper temperature management, correct use of growing media wetting agents, and irrigation techniques for potted and bedding plants.

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Marketing Updates -
Subjects covered include consumer perceptions of sustainability, local and organic floral crops, use of brand names, demographic impacts on demand, and gift attributes of various floral crops.

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