Titles:  1)Identifying Consumer Preferences for Cut Rose Fragrances & 2) Identifying Consumer Preferences for Essential Elements of a Flower Product

Advice:  There are two articles noted above because the research findings, and therefore the resulting recommendations, are related.  1) Consumers prefer fragrant rose cultivars, which generally means that high amounts of 2-phenylethanol are present.  It is therefore possible that rose breeders could select new cultivars using this chemical as an indicator.  2) All flowering floral crops could possibly benefit from possessing fragrance and therefor may result in increased sales.

Title:  The Effects of Individual Environmental Concerns on Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Plant Attributes

Advice: It was determined that consumers are willing to pay premiums for floral crops if the crops were grown using environmentally friendly techniques. It is therefore important for retailers to provide consumers information about these crops describing their pro-environmental attributes.

Title:  Consumer Preferences for Longevity Information and Guarantees on Cut Flower Arrangements

Advice: The researchers determined that retail florists could implement the use of longevity indicators and guarantees to increase consumer interest in cut flowers and thereby increase sales and profits. Namely, consumers are willing to buy more flowers that last longer.