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PRO Institutes (intense postharvest educational programs)

Flower and plant care (specific recommendations for various floral businesses)
Specific floral crops database containing over 450 crops
Growers (cut flowers and greens)
Growers (potted and bedding plants)
Wholesalers (cut flowers and greens)
Wholesalers (potted and bedding plants)
Bouquet makers (supplying mostly mass-market retailers)
Fulfillment centers (for direct home deliveries of flowers and plants)
Traditional retailers (general)
Traditional retailers (step-by-step cut flower processing)
Mass-Market retailers (cut flowers and greens)
Mass-Market retailers (potted and bedding plants)

Product and service companies (hyperlinks to over 400 companies)
Airborne pathogen filters/scrubbers
Anti-yellowing products
 Botrytis (and other disease) test kits
Botrytis control products
Bucket washers
Cleaners / disinfectants
Consultants (business / marketing)
Consultants (postharvest)
Consultants (production)
Ethylene removal / filtration
Ethylene action inhibitors
Flower food (preservative) and/or hydration products
Flower food and fertilizer injectors and proportioners
Gels / hydrogels (ice packs)
Gels / hydrogels (shipping [not for ice packs] and arrangements)
Interior plant maintenance equipment
Packaging and/or bunching materials or equipment
Refrigerators / coolers / reefer sea containers
Sponsors (additional sponsors that do not sell postharvest related products and/or services)
Stem cutters (air and/or underwater) and/or leaf strippers
Temperature and relative humidity measuring devices
Transportation companies and/or related services
Water stress reduction-related products for plants and flowers

Temperature (four studies are summarized)
Transport modes (13 studies reviewed - including sea containers & RFID)
Storage factors (storing floral crops need not result in bad outturn)
Sanitation (microbes and insects are discussed)
Botrytis control (emphasis on prevention vs. control after the fact)
Leaf yellowing / hormones (hyperlinks to 13 research articles are presented)
Flower foods / preservatives (chemistry, proper use, myths)
Hydration solutions (definition, chemistry, proper vs. over use)
Pulse solutions (high sugar containing flower foods for specific crops)
Ethylene (sources, damage symptoms, preventing damages, benefits)
Florel Test (determining crop ethylene sensitivity or if properly protected)
Plant hormones / plant growth regulators (summary of the 5 major ones)
Marketing / consumers (29 recent research findings regarding floral crops)

Reference hyperlinks (to over 300 articles on the following subjects)
Growers (pre-harvest and harvest)
Transport / storage / packaging
Botrytis control
Leaf yellowing / hormones
Processing (cut flowers and greens)
Flower foods / hydration solutions)
​ Water (stress and quality)
Marketing / consumers
University advice

Videos (time-lapse videos demonstrating various postharvest treatments / effects)
Rose and ethylene sensitivity
Rose and ethylene sensitivity II
Temperature effects on iris opening
Postharvest storage temperature effects
Preventing stem bending
Temperature effects on iris opening
Benefits of flower food on roses
Benefits of flower food on lilies
Flower food (full strength verses half strength)
Leaf treatment to slow wilting of potted plants
Benefits of flower food on hydrangeas
Differences among water, MCP, and STS treated carnations
Wetting agent for leaf cleaning or postharvest dips or sprays
Lily responses to STS + bulb formulation compared to water
Iris flower opening and then senescence
MCP and ethylene on tomato ripening
Effects of a hydration dip on roses

Searchable databases (if you do not find what you want, contact Dr. Staby to assist)
Chain of Life Network®
Floriculture InfoSearch
Google Scholar

Classics (time-tested articles containing important postharvest and/or marketing data)
Silver, STS, and MCP
Plants (flowering, foliage, and bedding)
Cuts (flowers and greens)
​ Consumer / marketing

Thought stimulus quiz (50 questions and answers to stimulate thinking and discussions)

Getting the latest edition of Care, Handling, and Marketing Recommendations for Floral Crops

A - White Paper III - Improving the cold chain for cut flowers & potted plants
B - Background
C - Precooling cut flowers and greens
D - Measuring Flower and/or Plant Temperatures Accurately
E - Bin choice may affect 1-MCP concentration in storage rooms