Introduction - Of all the floral postharvest subjects that could be covered in this website, maintaining proper crop temperatures after harvest is believed to be the most important.  The CLASSIC papers presented below address this subject in detail.  Click on the titles to read them.

1973 - Temperature and Ethylene Effects on Cut Flowers of Carnation (Dianthus caroyphyllus L.).  This article was authored by Maxie, Farnham, Mitchell, Sommer, Parsons, Snyder and Rae and was published in the Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science (98:568-572).  The Chain of Life Network® greatly appreciates the permission granted by the American Society for Horticultural Science to post this article.

1978 - Forced-air cooling for California flower crops

2004 - Sensitivity of Geraldton waxflower to ethylene-induced flower abscission is reduced at low temperature Note that one has to purchase this if you want the entire article.  However, key data from this article is presented below in White Paper III.

2005 - White Paper III - Improving the cold chain for cut flowers and potted plants